Friday, April 30, 2010

Car Decals, Tacky or tight?

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Walk the Walk

Heeeey Corpus! So tomorrow is the illuminated night parade of Buc Days! I hope I see everyone there. Also, I found out Corpus has this sweet indie festival every even month and its called the Art walk. Basically for a day Corpus turns more into Austin, with acoustic musicians on every corner and independent jewelry vendors at various stops that are made by this sweet graffiti-ed up trolly which also had a live band on it! Dude I know. I also so so much sweet art, I was in paradise. Everyone was just walking around downtown and chatting and I met so many cool people, I had to double check make sure I hadn't entered the twilight zone. For a city that no longer wants to support the arts financially it sure looks like we know what we are doing when it comes to art festivals.

I also walked past the Ritz theater and saw that it is being renovated and they have all these neat performances lined up when its open. When its finished, I saw party at the Ritz, yeaaaah boi. Keep it real Corpus

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Burger Bellies Unite!

I know everyone has gone to Whataburger, but I challenge you to order something knew. I recently ordered a number five (bacon cheese burger) on texas toast with pepper jack cheese and a side salad instead of fries, and let me tell you, my heart grew three sizes that day... probably all the cholesterol but that's alright.

I also heard Sonic has a new burger that has jalapeno poppers inside of it. Sounds like the revolution has finally hit Sonic and I aim to join it.

I just wanted to share my new found love of burgers with the world... or atleast Corpus also I'm hoping everyone will check out this site survey for transforming down town Corpus Christi.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays

Wow can't believe its already April!! The summer is coming up fast, which means finals are coming up faster. Don't panic, I have a few things that could help you clear your head. With the weather killing any beach activity you'll have to find things at home to occupy your mind and time. Try yoga, you can find videos on youtube to help you. Yoga centers the body and also stretches you out, nothing feels better than a good stretch. You can also pop in your headphones and find a peaceful place to meditate. If this leads to a nap even better, let your body just chill. I heard that watching t.v. actually stresses you out more, because you put off important things and it basically makes you brain dead while you are watching, so try to keep the tv watching to its lowest minimum.

Tonight at Del Mar College in the Wolfe Recital Hall, the music department is putting on a Brass Ensemble Concert. I'm guessing if Brass instruments are involved some jazz music will hopefully come up. The concert is April 12 (tonight!) at 7 p.m and admission is free, so go support the musical arts before they are taken away!!

Are you slow to wake up in the mornings? Then look for the Stripes with Taco Company logos on the buildings and inside you can get a breakfast taco with a 20 oz coffee for only 1.49. I personally start all my rough days this way, you can't beat that price and the tacos are really good and fresh.

Until next time , stay salty Corpus

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's been a long night in Corpus Christi

First of all, I'm sorry I fell off the blog scene for such a long time, work and school seemed to consume me for some time. I also recently bought an xbox and let modern warfare rule my free time. But I'm back to tell you thanks for being a fan and even if you don't hear from me for a while I will never be too far away!
Over the weekend Brad and I went to Galaxy Golf. My first thoughts before we found the place, which is located upstairs in Sunrise Mall, was how cool could this place be? Sunrise is a waste land. But we decided to try it out anyway. We walk in, and its dark, black lights line everything and pretty neon stars and plants hang from the walls and ceilings. 7 dollars for adult tickets which is cheaper than Treasure Island. Galaxy Golf actually reminds me of the more sinister Treasure Island. We begin at the first hole, which is just basically a straight shot and I'm a bit disappointed, but then we progress into the next room and the holes are out of this world. (ha) There are rocket ships blocking my way, and aliens trying to swat my ball out of the hole. Everything is neon and glowing even my hot pink ball. There are space stations and most of the holes have moving obstacles, new to the putt-putt scene of Corpus Christi. The best part about it, was Brad and I were alone for about 17 of the 18 holes, then when we were done putting the lady at the counter let us play pool on the glow in the dark pool table. For fourteen dollars the experience was definitely worth it.

Overall I give it 5 cheers for a sweet idea for a secret date. Also it has great location

I also saw Hot Tub Time Machine with my brother Marco, and we were both cracking up. This isn't a movie for young kids, I don't even think they would understand half of the jokes, but for the older crowd, especially if you lived in the 80's and thought it sucked, watch it. Go to Starplex though because I wouldn't pay 7.50 for a ticket to see that movie. It was mostly moments where you find your self saying "omg I can't believe they just went there"

Overall I give HTTM a score of 2 cheers for passing the time and making me laugh.