Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet Nothings

I woke up today very excited for valentines day! I know its a silly holiday but if you are in a relationship you actually really enjoy its the one day you can do something extra corny and sweet and not get any slack for it. Because I bought Brad some super expensive nike basketball shoes, I decided I needed to save money on the rest of my purchases for the occasion, so I hit up the dollar store! Let me tell you, people think just because its a dollar store does not mean the items are any cheaper than the expensive stuff! I got candles, rose petals, candy and cards all for 7 bucks! You know I'll be going back for some heart balloons and streamers! It's the thought that counts so this holiday maybe you should show your bank account some love and scope out the dollar store! (but beware of dollar stores where items actually cost more than a dollar, they are usually a rip off)
Have you given any thought as to what you might do for valentines day? If not here are a few options, Go see a movie! Valentines day opens this weekend in theaters and Dear John is already out, yes these are some "chick flicks" but I promise they won't make you any less of a man if you watch them. I recently saw "Everybody's Fine" and wow, it was a really real and honest movie but talk about a tear jerker. Robert De Niro never lets me down.
Now let's talk about your food options. Breakfast in bed is a classic for good reasons, but this really only works if you live together. So if you want to try a romantic lunch, why not try packing a picnic or going to the Art Museum cafe, its cute has good lunch specials and is right on the water. Dinner is also another classic, Johnny Carino's and Montana Mike's both have dinner specials that include an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert for about 20 bucks, cheap and yet still classy. Olive Garden is always nice but, can you say over done? and ridiculous wait time!

If you need some early excitement, Foreigner is going to be playing in Corpus tomorrow night at the American Bank Center!

Also ladies, don't think I forgot you, your man will be happy with basically anything as long as its from the heart or delicious! But if you want to show him how amazing you are, you could always cook up something delicious for dinner and gather around the tv to see the all star game! Lebron and Wayde on the same team?! should be illegal. Oh and just as a side note, make sure your man stays away from cloud 9 lingerie, they tell your man to come to a private party so they can buy their ladies lingerie but the add says men only! Um, why would your man not want to bring you too? and what if you are a lesbian and want to buy something sexy for your lady?! Cloud 9 needs to re-evaluate or get out, a men only lingerie party is bull! and sounds a bit suspicious to me.

But no matter what you do for your sweetie this V-day, make sure you tell them you love and appreciate them, because that is the greatest gift of all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Work it Girl!

I have never really been much of a club person , mainly because I never have anything to wear, I'm notorious for wearing a shirt and jeans. But regardless this should never stop someone from going out and busting a move. (you see I can't even talk about clubs and sound cool!) So saturday was one of the rare occasions I went clubbing for my friend Trisha's birthday; we went to ESCALA. Yes the fabulous and relatively new gay club right here on staples behind Beamers. Brad and I were excited and a bit nervous, I mean what happens at a gay club? I expected feathers, flashing and lots of fondling and I got just about that.
The building looks awfully small from the outside but once you step in its like a whole different place. Walking in the friendly bouncer calls me sweetheart and charges me 5 bucks and Brad 10 bucks (10 for minors 5 for adults :D) we walk inside and there are lights and fog everywhere, its like an eighties music video in there. The Black Eyed Peas are bumping but its being chopped screwed and club remixed to perfection by the Dj. A huge bar is at my right as is a large glass door leading to an outside smoking patio. We walk passed the dance floor which is lined by red cushioned couches and find one of the private zebra stripped rooms. Here we find three more of our friends, apparently afraid to step out of this room and dance. But Trisha and rene arrived in time to save them and we all head out to a larger room filled with velvet seats and metal beads hang from the archways for privacy. I down my sex on the beach and brad finishes his XX (dos equis) and we are ready to go dance! But at that moment the Drag Show started and everyone gathered round to see the show. Green lights flash an announcer introduces a Brandy Alexander and this little queen comes out and just starts rocking it out. I mean really moving, tina turner would be proud. Then came the strip off contest (which takes places every saturday), I know my third time to a club and the second time I had to see people strip, I apparently pick the rowdyest days to go clubbing. I won't really go into too much detail except that the prize was 100 dollars so I entered Brad (my poor Fabio) and in the end had to beat up some guy in front of me claiming he was Brad's boyfriend. Needless to say he almost won, but instead this girl who I suspect may have actually been a stripper won. My favorite line of the night
"Tell yo boyfriend, we're sorry he lost to some strippin' hoe!" -the girls next to me
After that I bought my boy another round and we danced until the sweat was running into my sexy club boots. (provided by my fabulous mother!!) So if you want to have fun and feel fabulous go to ESCALA!

Overall I give it a score of 4 cheers! Parking is great but the cover plus the drinks are pretty pricey, you'd have to win the strip off to break even.

But Don't Take My Word For It
ESCALA Ultra Lounge
5926 S Staples St.
Corpus Christi, Tx 78413
(361) 985-0950

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Through me some beads mista!

Mardi Gras Artwalk

This event sounds like something I will for sure be going to. It's a great way to see downtown and to meet knew people!

Thursday, February 11, 5:30-9:00 pm FREE! self-guided tour of galleries, studios and gallery-for-an-evening venues. Enjoy live music by HOBO while you ride the Dtown tram between venues! Also : treasure hunt, restaurant specials, great art, live music and BEADS duh haha.

There will be food and prizes and music, "chips, dips and dorks" (can't buy me love reference) But there won't be dorks unless you classify yourself as that and like it, like me! hah well I hope to see all of Corpus there, lets make this occasion big so we can get something started like an annual mardi gras!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Islanders Do it On Campus

I finally got a hold of an event calender for A&M CC! Joyous occasion I might add.

So check it out, there are quite a few things going down today! So if you find yourself bored and realizing you don't have class tomorrow try some of these out!
Feb. 4
Winter jazz mixer from 6-8 pm at Islander Art Gallery 4024 Weber rd. In the Hamlin Center. There will be hors d'oeuvres (pronounced "or -derbs" ... the French right?! Ha) live music!! And an array of beers to sample (a college kids dreams!) and also a silent auction (always cool stuff and exciting) tickets are 20 bucks, not bad considering all the hook ups and all the proceeds go to student scholarships so you could always win your money back ;).
There is a student vs faculty/staff basketball game 8-9:30 pm. At the Dugan wellness center (huge gym!) tickets are free and it's open to the public. Talk about a great way to see a proff. you may not like get dunked on! Also the spirit team is going to have the traditional homecoming burning of the "I" during half time, so show your spirit and go!!!
Finally C.A.B ( campus activity board) will be hosting an "up all night" ( 9:30-2 am) in the University Center. Various activities will be held around the building and a magic show by Dan Sperry begins at 10pm.! You don't have to be an islander to go! And it's free, fun for everyone!

The Magic Man

I also recently came across this article in the Corpus Christi Caller Times (thanks to Marco!) Joe Hillard a local radio host feels the same way I do, and is trying the same thing (sans a blog ofcourse) Check out his list of things to do, sounds exciting if you think you can handle it!

What is there to do in Corpus?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paging the Modern World

Today I witnessed two Gay guys afraid to show affection toward each other because I was in the lounge. Mind you they had no idea I was paying attention considering I was vigorously working on Biology work and dozing off. After a bit of eaves dropping ( I know shame on me but I had to confirm they were gay, committed and afraid of PDA) I can affirm they were dating each other. So I have to ask why are they afraid to hug or say cute things to each other? Were they truly worried I would think something foul? (never in my life) And if they were worried about this why? Who cares?! I thought those times of "Gay bashing" were over or at least non-existent in Corpus Christi. I understand not wanting to show PDA due to the sheer fact that sometimes it's unnecessary and gross if you are licking your lovers face and tonsils but there is nothing wrong with a tasteful smooch or embracing hug. Instead they awkwardly both stand look around, look at each other and then push each other. You should never be afraid to show who you are, if you hide your differences people will see them as a stigma forever!! To love yourself means "being and saying exactly what you want and never apologizing for it!" -Pink. I tell you all now, eliminate the fear in Corpus and you will eliminate the hate, for the two go hand in hand. If you want to go hand in hand with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your Gay friend or your small friend then dammit do it! The only way to change society's views is to first change your own.