Monday, August 19, 2013

The O.C.- an ode to pop culture

It has been 10 years since a little show known as The O.C. aired changing adolescent lives around America forever. Maybe the show did not affect others quite the same way, but it’s hard to recall another show that crammed more amazing music, delightful drama and brooding babes in only four seasons.

Until The O.C. introduced me to indie rock artists like Death Cab for Cutie, the Shins and Imogen Heap I found myself mindlessly lost in a sea of horrible radio music. With MTV’s music already giving way to reality TV The O.C. quickly became my music guide.

The O.C. was the best thing to happen to teen angst since Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic introduced the world to Nirvana. Finally there were characters we could all relate to. Idealistic upper-middle class high school social outcasts lost among the rich kids who “only worry about how much money is in their trust fund or getting a new beamer each year.”

Never had a show matched my need for nerdy quips and couture fashion. Regardless of how many broke fathers Marissa Cooper had she some how managed to keep her closet stocked with Chanel purses. A great wardrobe will transcend social status. The Coopers changed the way society viewed trailer house living.

Not to mention the countless unforgettable scenes and timeless quotes among them: Seth and Summer’s Spider Man kiss, Ryan Atwood taking on the entire water polo team and Chris Brown playing a good boy band geek in season four. The O.C. wasted no time appealing to our need for brazen vocabulary in the pilot when Luke smirks and says, “Welcome to the O.C. bitch. This is how it’s done in Orange County.”

With elements of postmodernism, indie culture and respectable comic book references it is no wonder The O.C. was an instant classic. A pop culture phenomenon if you will.