Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Hustle

Despite the weather, South Texans know it's winter and better yet, Christmas is just around the corner. This year being 22 and hopefully more mature and wise than years past I plan on making my gifts more thoughtful. However for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping, might I suggest La Palmera Mall, or for those with a thicker wallet, perhaps Lamar Park.

Gap  has some pretty sweet sales and they are also giving away Christmas jams. Click the link and click "Jam it Up mixtape" off to the left hand side (I know it's strange). Anyway even if you don't buy clothes from there free music is always nice, and the mixtape is surprisingly pretty sweet. (Follow me on twitter to see all the reasons why "free music is better than sex" @Alexisthenexus)

But then I really began to think, was Christmas as an adult really all about glitz and the glam or could this year be the year Christmas would mean something more? Had the magic of believing in Santa died and left me with an empty void? I might have thought that until I realized how silly that was. So many great things had happened this year, enough to vanquish all previous doubts of years past. Lina* (Lee-nA)  studied abroad in Paris, Marbro* was accepted to Princeton University, Conny* and Mechelle* were about to embark on new lives and my parents were happy and healthy, to name a few.  Regardless of what you'll be spending way to much on, remember that most of that spending should be time, and on the people you really love. So maybe this year, walk your dog down town, Cole Park. Hit up your local liquor store, try a new drink and test it out over the annual Chrismukkah Marathon (if you don't have something similar to this or even know what I'm referencing... reevaluate your life, pronto). Or do something as simple as checking out the sweet $2.2 million Harbor Bridge face lift (lights that take your breath away) and hitting up Club What-A-Burger (What-a-burger on the bay). No matter what you do, make sure it's all about peace, happiness and love.

Those last two are my gifts to you. Happy Holidays  XoxO