Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chopped and Skewerd

Hello out there! I'm dearly sorry I haven't been writing more, but this is still new to me so I
have been searching for sweet stuff to gush about.
The other night, Brad and I, were invited to go eat at Sakura -Japanese Streakhouse with a few friends. I had been there once before and wasn't very fond of it, but I had been craving sushi for several days now and decided I'd give Sakura another chance. Best decision ever! We showed up all looking very suave, and sat at the hibachi bar. Yeah yeah, food being cooked in front of me is pretty sweet, but I didn't come for that. I let my eyes zoom over the menu and then bingo! (sushi is always on the back of the menu, why?) I was like a hungry penguin in the arctic, ready to eat any raw fish before me!! Our waiter was down to earth and pretty astute. The atmosphere, however, was honestly pretty drab, it was quiet, the music playing in the background was equally quiet and all the staff whispered and tip toed around basically. The only laughter or audible conversation in the place was provided by my friends and yours truly! But all noise in the room would have been drown out anyway as soon as my glorious sushi arrived. There on a large square plate laid my dragon roll (eel and avocado) my Sakura special (tempura shrimp and salmon) and my octopus. Its presentation pretty basic, no fancy shrimp tails, no caviar, and no exotic sauces. But none of this matters as soon as I taste the sheer awesomeness that is the Sakura special! The shrimp, salmon and cream cheese all lightly fried and mushing around my taste buds, was almost enough for me to stand up and tell the world Sakura ROCKS! A light descended upon me from the heavens and golden trumpets blared... alright maybe that didn't happen but at that moment I think it should have.
The actual cooked food, was rather interesting, our cook was nice and cheerful but was new and a bit on the slow side of cooking.

Overall I give Sakura -Japanese steakhouse a score of 2 cheers, for sweet ass sushi and speedy refills, but the party has to be provided by yourself and if you are looking for a quick bite the hibachi aspect is moot. Plus its a smidge pricey (boo)

Don't Take My Word for It
Sakura Japanese Steakhouse
5017 Saratoga Boulevard, # 103, Corpus Christi, TX

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happening Happenings

I realized it wasn't enough just to tell everyone about experiences I have been having in the sparkling city, but it has become almost my obligation to seek out up-coming events as well so that you ,my faithful readers, can go and enjoy the awesomeness that Corpus exudes.

December 2009
*American Bank Center Events*
11 Fri. Daughtry 7:30 p.m (tickets range from 13- 339 $)

14 Mon. WWE 6:40 p.m. (tickets range from 23-389 $)

20 Sun. Lil' Wayne 7:30 p.m. (tickets range from 94-294 $)

*These events will be occurring in the PAC at TAMUCC*
12 Sat. Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert 8pm. (for tickets call 883-note)

15 Tue. Corpus Christi Chorale Christmas Concert (Tickets $8 General Admission and free for students with ID's from TAMUCC, TAMUK, DMC, and Area High Schools. Tickets available in advance by calling 825-ARTS (2787)

17 Thur. Carroll High School Winter Concert (FREE) <- never a let down and I'll be there. Go Tigers!

Stephen F. Austin State Park
19 Sat. Pancake breakfast with Santa Clause! Everything served will be homemade (yum!) breakfast will be served from 8-10:30 a.m. admission fee is 4 $
Later that day from 6-8p.m there will be Christmas Caroling hayrides followed by cookies and hot chocolate!!! admission fee is one canned good. For questions call (979) 885-3613

End the year with a good deed!
Sunday, December 13- from 12-5 p.m. @ Sutherlands
"For the Love of Strays" needs collars, leashes, feeding bowls, doggie blankets (aw), treats, toys and diamond brand dog food. If you can donate any of these things for pups that are being fostered back to health, then do it!! The doggies need you, even if they can't ask for it themselves.

Hey everyone! also check out this new art gallery opening up!
Produce! They are opening today check it out

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Books are not just for the Birds

Burrrr!! It's beginning to feel a lot like... Alaska ! Alright, Okay, maybe not, but it is beginning to get mighty cold. My suggestion: a scarf, and gloves. You'd be surprised how much more warmth you get when just these parts are prepared for frost.

In order to get out into the city I decided to write my blog abroad, and so ventured to the local bookstore Barnes and Noble. the parking lot was packed! Not to mention the last time I came here some little old lady's car was broken into (shameful) but after circling the petite parking lot a few times I was able to find a safe enough location. I cozied up in a table and took a look around. People filled the Starbucks station, the tables, the chairs, and even the isles of books! I realize after a few minutes of zoning out, that there is classical Christmas carols being played from the children's section. Upon further investigation, I find out that the orchestra playing is the John Paul ll High School orchestra, and they perform here annually. They had a really sweet, put together sound... no doubts the j-man (Carroll guitar teacher Keith Justus) could have set up a better show however. With the carols covering the soft murmurs of all the people I was able to focus quite easily on my work. Then I hear that there will be a book signing at the front of the store, this explains why the book store is hoppin'. Though on this particular night there was way too many tweens running around, usually Barnes and Noble is the perfect place to catch up on your reading, work or celeb. gossip!

Overall I give Barnes and Noble bookstore a score of 4 cheers for- sweet study spot, and delicious refreshments. However parking sorta sucks and there is usually a shortage on places to post up.

Don't Take My Word For It:
Barnes and Noble Bookstore
5129 Blanche D Moore Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78411
(361) 992-1339

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Down-Town's Dirty Little Secret

Oh hello! Welcome back, first off let me just say thanks for sticking around! And to those of you just discovering this soon to be (hopefully) glorious guide to Corpus, grab a seat, kick of y'er shoes and stay awhile will you?

My tale begins on another drizzly dark evening. Brad and I had tickets to see Anberlin, Taking Back Sunday and the ever-awesome All-American Rejects!! in concert at one of Corpus Christi's largest music venues Old Concrete Street Amphitheater. For those of you who don't know AAR is one of my top five all time favorite bands, so you can imagine my excitement. Thus with tickets in hand, Brad and I faced the bitter-cold yet again. Down many a dark dreary street we walked, blowing past the bums that lurk in down-town Corpus and squeezing through security... all in the name of fun. Security at Concrete is fairly lax. The guards were friendly despite the drizzle, they assured me they didn't need to pat me down, and even let me take my camera (score!). After getting past the gate, panic settles in. It's raining, there are various out-door stages inside the compound and I begin to fear we will have to stand in the rain. Then immediately to my right Brad points out a more than well covered stage which we scurry to for the show. People pack in, like wet puppies seeking warmth and after a few minutes I begin to realize they have found it. Heat lamps have been placed in various areas around the entrances of the covered stage. Once my fingers defrost, I notice, despite all the people, I'm in no way feeling claustrophobic and there is a fairly well stocked concession stand to my right, and an even larger beverage concession stand to my left. Like most venues, the spirits and the snacks are egregiously over-priced, but that didn't seem to stop the masses.
After Anberlin, T.B.S takes the stage, and oh-my-gosh rock the house! It was during their set I realize a few things...
1. I should not have brought my heavy shoulder bag, which is now keeping me from fully focusing on the rock gods before me.
2. Most of the people around me seem hesitant to raise their rocker fists, but instead are content with letting them hang at their sides or remain hidden in their pockets, giving the impression they, are not into the music and honestly just awkward and
3. Being the loudest fan in the crowd is not always appreciated by other less vocally gifted fans.

For some insight into these realizations I turned to my best friend and long time concert afficionado- Clarissa Benavides. After years of concert crashing she had a few helpful tips.
1. when too afraid to raise your rock hands, simply tapping them on your chest or side to the beat is sufficient. If you are keeping them down because those around you are, move up!! people up-front tend to be more into the music as apposed to the spectators in back.
2. If possible take an over the chest hung purse w/ only the essentials (money, i.d., camera, phone, sharpie) If its too late to turn back, simply wrap a strap around one leg and keep it at your feet or if you are a front row goer ask the bouncer to place it on the other side of the barricade.
3. If you are like me and can use those pipes, then dammit use them!! You came to rock, now pump those fists and yell!! the band will love you more for it even if your neighbor doesn't.

Finally the entire venue, darkens; the crowd begins to chant..."rejects, RE-jects, REJECTS!" Fog, flashing lights, and four familiar faces appear from the mist. The sound is crystal clear, no static, no feed-back, no buzzing. The lights even more electric and spectacular than the sound. As girls and boys alike begin to jump and sway I realize there are no chords running along the ground, no dips, and the stage might even be on the lower end of a hill for once. Yes, short people of the world Concrete Street is the place for you! The night ends not only without injury but with an encore! (suh-weeet)

Overall I give the Old Concrete Street Amphitheater 4 cheers - for sound, security, shelter and parking. However on a regular basis cameras are not permitted and neither is crowd surfing or moshing (lame).

Don't Take My Word For It:
623 Power Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78401

p.s when ever the band says your city's name, you better shout loud and proud! Good Night Corpus Christi!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Top Shelf Surprise

Last night, despite the drizzle and dreary cold, my boyfriend Brad and I made it out to The Cadillac Bar. First off, it's got an amazingly electric vibe felt by everyone who even approaches the wide open door. Upon first appearances the huge neon sign draws you in, as almost a lighthouse guiding those seeking fun and the warmth of friendly faces. Once inside the first thing I notice is how extremely clean and classy this dark den is. A long bar stretches out at my right with five large flat-screens hanging over the even larger variety of grade-A alcohols. At this point there is no doubt, tonight is going to be more than a grand one.
We shake of the cold and grab cushy stools at the bar with a few friends, two of which currently work at the bar. The fully stocked juke-box is blasting a wide variety of rock, country and rap, not to mention an even wider variety after my friend Cassidy and I were done with it! The boys migrate to the opposite end of the bar to play a few rounds of pool with pitchers of beer in hand, while Cassidy and I chatted up the benign bartender Mr. Sims, but more commonly known as just Coach. He was lively company, although slightly intimidating, one-on-one conversation proved he had all the makings of a quality bartender. He had jokes, stories and even drink suggestions, although if you are looking for something fruity and exotic you won't find that at Cadillac just yet, for now this crown-on-the-rocks girl is keeping her fingers crossed. After hours of jokes, drinks and a lot of laughs, Brad and I said our good-byes to face the rain.
I give the Cadillac an over all highest score of 5 cheers, for cleanliness in the bar and restrooms, for drink selection and variety, and for entertainment
Will I be returning to The Cadillac Bar you ask, hah... absofuckinglutely.

But Don't Take My Word For It, Check It Out For Yourself:
The Cadillac Bar
4320 Ayers Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78415
(361) 334-8200