Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oh Waiter, Pour More Class into my Glass Please

The way to my heart is most definitely through my stomach, so I've decided to talk about the classy establishments of Corpus.

First on the must mention list is Water Street Oyster Bar. Classy and yet oh-so-affordable. I think Mad Men every time I'm in there. They also have a happy hour from 4-6 that ain't half bad. I tend to get crazy with their half price oysters and marvelous martinis. If you want to impress a date without breaking the bank, Water Street them.
Oysters from Water Street

Probably one of my favorite fancy food eateries, the 500 Bistro. French cuisine and open fairly late as far as restaurants go in Corpus. There isn't anything under 30$ but I promise your taste buds will taste the difference. The atmosphere is calm and sophisticated and it happens to be attached to a lobby that is attached to my favorite night club Havana. So if you want a special night on the town splurge a little at 500 and then head to Havana for one sexy evening.

Christmas at the Staghound Bar inside 500 Bistro

I have to say Katz21 has to make the list. It is known for its upscale atmosphere and pricing, however I won't claim their food much better than a regular steak house. On the other hand their new location now has a large separate bar area that is just amazing. The outside patio also has a bar and usually live music. The other night I was drinking my usual cucumber martini with my best friends when Suzette Quintanilla asked what we were drinking! (For those who don't know, she is Selena's sister and no I don't mean J-Lo) So there you have it, celebrities party at Katz, so should you!

New Katz location and building

There are still two places left on my list, The Republic of Texas and Yard Arm. Both of which I hear are amazing and will make your credit card weep. However I happen to have friends working at both locations, so let's hope for a real review soon.

As always Corpus, stay classy.