Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things I Do When There is Nothing to Do

My darling blog reading beauties, I've missed you! Clearly I've been in hiatus for much too long. I am truly, madly, deeply sorry for this. On a lighter note, I have some great things to spill.

First of all, my holiday vacations were beyond wonderful, I hope the same for y'all. I was on Pinterest like a mad woman, and picked up some nifty ideas. The first being the Breakfast Bun.

Next I learned the art of the ever elusive fishtail braid as well as the two-toned nails.

And finally while I didn't find this on Pinterest I found, I make a mean dog treat :). Someone has to spoil the animals, for all the free love they give (aww).

Ok my darlings, I do promise to be more on top of this!